Gulf Oil Disaster


It is an honor to address you.  We feel there is a common thread between us, that of the love for Humanity and our dear Planet Earth which is in peril because of the current environmental tragedy taking place in the Gulf of Mexico.  This massive event not only affects the States bordering on the Gulf, but because of the Gulf stream currents, it is soon to reach the Florida Keys, travel up the East coast to Maine and be carried to the coasts of England, Western Europe and West Africa. This is a worldwide problem of enormous proportions. The very stability of the Planet's ecosystem and millions of its people, animals, plants and water sources are in danger.

 The outlook is bleak. Rick Steiner, marine biologist on MSNBC, on 5-28-10 demonstrated how the oil is gushing out of a 21-inch diameter pipe, at an estimated pressure of "4-5 tons per square inch, at the blowout site of the failed well" in the ocean.   Michio Kaku, physics Professor, said on MSNBC, on 5-27-10, "We are clueless about what's really happening down there.  We are in uncharted territories; we have never done something at this pressure, at this depth, at this temperature."

There simply is no humanly possible way to seal the gash in the crust of the Earth spewing crude oil from 5000 ft below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.  It will take several months to have a potential relief well prepared, and in the meantime the Dead Zone expands.

We can envelop our planet in healing rays of Love, and yes, this is definitely a good time to pray for help beyond our dimension.  Which brings us to the reason we are writing you.  We have a solution to this disaster and we would like your help. 

We stand in community, enlightened of the existence of the Galactic Federation of Light, a cosmic force of good in the universe, who traverse galaxies and universes on missions of Creator Source. They too, are "One" with the cosmic mind of God/Goddess, as you and I have the divine capabilities to be.  They can travel in many dimensions and timelines, and they're mandated to abide by the Universal Law of Love.  They are here to assist in Earth's upliftment and humanity's evolution into the higher vibrations of this new golden era. They honor all Life and they are in agony at the hemorrhaging of our Planet, and would like to help us stop the bleeding.

The Galactics have advanced technology that with our permission, can easily and quickly seal the hole in the Earth's crust at those unprecedented depths and pressures, stop the destruction and death, clean up the oil on top and under the water, restore the waters, shorelines, Gulf bottom and animals back to pristine condition.

They are here to partner with us, and we must have disclosure of their presence by our President in order to co-create this transformation.  Our leaders have known about them for decades.  JFK was about to announce their existence to us in the 1960's.  Open acknowledgment of benevolent extraterrestrial contact and partnership would have brought Peace upon the planet, free energy, and miraculous cures in medicine.  But as you know, there are many beings on this planet who profit from war, disease, death and fossil fuels, so the greed of a few keeps the many in the dark and under control.  

The Galactic Federation of Light come in PEACE, but our leaders do not demonstrate the choice of peace.  The truth has been withheld about the "benevolent visitors" from off-planet, and disinformation has been promoted through the last 60 years.  Our leaders are afraid the masses could not handle the truth.  They have created a box, and so the status quo continues.  Have we had enough of this drama?


It is with great courage and humility that we stand before you

asking you to raise your voice in a

Worldwide Demonstration

Thursday June 3rd 2010

Please call and webmail President Obama in the White House

202-456-1111 or leave a message at   

"Let the Galactic Federation of Light

 help us to save the Gulf of Mexico"

Raise your Voice NOW!

Flood the phone lines with your message

 "Work with the Galactics to stop the bleeding in the Gulf now!"

And continue sending messages thereafter.


The Galactics are currently mitigating this spill to the fullest extent they can for our Planet, but they must receive "diplomatic recognition" in order to fully partner peacefully with us.  They cannot do it without official permission.

We understand this is an extraordinary request.   We ask that you suspend your disbelief long enough to visualize the Gulf brought back to life.  Please help us to bring Peace and Total Restoration to the Gulf region now.

June 3rd    Call the White House    202-456-1111

Who Are We?

We are a community of Lightworkers at who for 6 years  have been spiritually guided and partnered with the Ashtar Command and several Ascended Masters on various missions of healing for the Planet and all of her kingdoms.

Our Purpose is Love, to Express it, to Live it, and Empower with it.

We extend tremendous gratitude for the contribution of your  free will choice and your voice for this mission.

This peaceful demonstration of calling forth our Galactic Brothers and Sisters is a remarkable step toward planetary peace and harmony for All.

What do you have to Gain?

Peace around the world, new advanced technology, a soiled ocean restored to life, people's livelihoods restored, animals and wetlands restored and teaming with life, and a new relationship with a loving family from a new neighborhood to get to know.

What do you have to Lose?

The picture is not pretty!

You can light one candle in the dark and make a difference.   Please Pay It Forward so that we may be able to BLAZE a huge awareness for Peace, Balance and Harmony on our Planet.

With Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude

Susan, Fran, and Elise

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